Cloud Shape Classifier 云形状分级器

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This website watches the sky, taking photographs of clouds. It tries to show people the clouds that they will most like. If you introduce yourself and spend a short time training it, it will try to find good clouds for you.
这个网站看着天空拍云的照片。它的目的是给人机会看到他们最喜欢的云。如果您,自我介绍,然后花一段时间来训练您的云形状分级器, 那么, 他就会替您找出一些好云。

Otherwise you can look at other people's favourite clouds, or read more about the Cloud Shape Classifier. 要不然, 您可以看别人最喜欢的云

This is cloud #27847, possibly the most liked cloud ever. 这是第27847号的云图像,这很有可能是全世界最受欢迎的云。

The Cloud Shape Classifier was made by Douglas Bagnall, with network and hosting support from CityLink Ltd, for an exhibition at Enjoy gallery and ZeroOne San Jose. It was translated into Chinese by Fraser Robinson.

云形状分级器由道格拉斯˙白诺首创,由CityLink Ltd提供网路主办的支持。云形状分级器是为了在Enjoy美术馆和ZeroOne San Jose的展览而制作。中文翻译:罗万福。